Paradigm Shift – Busy to Intentional [Webinar Recording]

Learn how to discern the difference between being busy and being intentional with your time. From personal experience, Marcy shares her method of defining and achieving small, meaningful goals so that you can live your life on purpose.

  • Paradigm Shift – Busy to Intentional
  • Short Seasons vs. Long Term Commitments
  • Visioning
  • Saying No
  • Exercise / Activity

About our Speaker: Mary Bursac

People-centered and brazen, Marcy Bursac is one of those people who has an infectious, positive outlook. She joined Charter Communications after over a decade in nonprofit philanthropy work.

While remote homeschooling her children during the pandemic, Marcy began to see a gap between adults with the desire to adopt and the 115,000 adoptable children within the U.S. With a heart for those children, and a deep desire to take action, Marcy wrote a book, “The Forgotten Adoption Option: A How-To and Self-Reflection Guide for Pursuing Foster Care Adoption” and launched the “Forgotten Adoption Option Podcast.”

After placing in the top 16 at the United States of America’s Mrs. pageant and winning the People’s Choice Award, Marcy is publishing a children’s book, “Are You a Forever Family?” and finishing up an app (The Forgotten Adoption Option app) to recruit 25,000 adoptive families.