The WICT Network: Midwest 2022 Volunteer of the Year

This award recognizes an individual who has shown exemplary volunteer support for The WICT Network: Midwest.  This leader should show dedication to volunteering/serving to help grow the Midwest Chapter and inspire others in the community. Nominees must exhibit the Touchstones of Leadership and have been in the industry for at least three years.

Congratulations, Marcy Bursac!

Marcy Bursac










Empathetic and real, Marcy Bursac is one of those people who has an infectious, positive outlook. She joined the telecommunications industry after over a decade of nonprofit philanthropy work.

In 2021 Marcy eagerly stepped in as interim chair of the WICT Midwest Mentoring Program having found value in the program as a mentee herself. Through her service to the chapter, Marcy grew the chapter’s Mentor Program by 27% and helped earn our chapter 2nd place in Mentoring Excellence among all WICT chapters. Her strategy was based on research that men mentoring women provides women with greater access to information and broader networks. 

Making an impact is a common aspect of her personal life, too. Wanting to mentor others through the foster care adoption process, she used a stimulus payment during the pandemic to self-publish a book for adults “The Forgotten Adoption Option: A How-To and Self-Reflection Guide for Pursuing Foster Care Adoption” and then launched the “Forgotten Adoption Option Podcast.” Most recently, she has been crowned United States of America’s Mrs. Ohio for her foster care adoption advocacy work on behalf of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption which is based in Ohio. Just this month, National Foster Care Month, Marcy published a book for children of all ages “Are You a Forever Family?” in an effort to recruit more forever families for remaining 115,000 U.S. children who are waiting in foster care. 

By day you can find Marcy helping to develop a user-centered intranet in her role on the internal communications technology team at Charter Communications which is a daily resource for the company’s 93,000+ employees.

What her nominators have to say about Marcy

Esperanza Hunter
IT Director, Charter Communications

“Marcy has shown exemplary volunteer support by stepping in to fill a role when the opportunity arose. She did not step in to simply maintain the program, she came with fresh ideas and a growth-mindset. She evaluated the program format and reduced the time commitment to accommodate to the efficiency of video meetings. She also leveraged the ability to pair mentors and mentees from different cities and states because the landscape of virtual communication tools lends itself to this format. Her dedication to volunteering and serving our chapter are apparent with her successful PMDS recruitment efforts for 2021 and her prior service helping with membership recruitment under the leadership of Jennifer Petrarca.”

Anna Jankord
Operations Training Manager, Midco

“Marcy is a force for good – and not just within her company, the industry, The WICT Network but also her passion for child adoption and her own adopted children. I met Marcy through our PMDS cohort and our relationship blossomed through her generosity of words, kindness in the face of vulnerability and the sheer enjoyment I get from her inspirational personality. Marcy served as The WICT Network: Midwest Mentor Program Chair and took the program to the next level. She understands how to connect with individuals on a large scale – she is great with words, an intentional and influential leader, and exudes passion that is contagious.”