The WICT Network: Midwest 2022 Woman in Technology

This award recognizes an industry woman serving in a technical position who has contributed significantly to her organization as well as the cable and telecommunications industry.  In addition to her technical expertise, she is a valued team member who is committed to supporting and motivating others. Nominees must exhibit the Touchstones of Leadership, have been in the industry for at least five years and hold a management or leadership position within their organization.

Congratulations, Esperanza Hunter!

Esperanza Hunter







Esperanza has been an active WICT member since 2018, started volunteering right away and became part of The WICT Network, Midwest chapter board in 2019. She has worn multiple hats; started as the Marketing Technology chair and was crucial driving and delivering the new website. In 2022, Esperanza became the Director of Programming, and is working on bringing new and exciting events to our chapter’s schedule. Esperanza also leads the program delivery teams on behalf of IT Infrastructure for Charter’s many IT initiatives. She is responsible for directing technical project management, budget management, and other initiatives across several hundred active projects at any one time. She works with all other business units across Charter’s vast enterprise to ensure that each team’s IT needs are met, including Spectrum Enterprise, Spectrum Mobile, Marketing, Corporate Real Estate, Facilities, and many others.

Esperanza has been in the technology field for over 25 years, including roles overseas. She speaks multiple languages and holds her Master of Business Administration, Master of Project Management, and other graduate certificates. She is currently pursuing a master’s certificate in data analytics and business intelligence from Penn State University.

What her nominators have to say about Esperanza

Jim Keller
Sr. Director, IT, Charter Communications

“Esperanza’s leadership style brings forward the best in her and others. She is very self-aware and works with me every year to identify areas of improvement to help her become more accomplished personally. She is an excellent communicator and listens more than she speaks. She is truly an active listener, looking for understanding in the communications of others before she responds. Her desire is to understand first, then try to find the appropriate manner and time to respond. She is definitely fearless, he personality is very outgoing and demonstrative. She embraces change and growth in a way that inspires others to act. She is that catalyst that helps to usher in change, but she is also that calm, assertive person who helps to keep it going until it take root and becomes the norm. She puts the organization and her team before herself and is always leading from the front no matter cause.”

Patrick Hunter
Sr. Director, IT Systems Operation Center – Network/Security/Transport, Charter Communications

“Esperanza is a success story worth telling. She has overcome many challenges to reach the heights to which she has ascended in her field. She is regularly recognized by executive leadership as a “go-to” person; someone who will “get the job done.” But she has never done that at the expense of anyone else nor her own principles. Rather, she is the embodiment of the Touchstones in every meaningful way, as described above. She is one of the very few truly genuine “givers” I’ve ever known and I’m proud to have been associated with her through the work we’ve done together at Charter these last few years. Her future is bright and I believe an award like this is as deserved for her as it has been for anyone before.”