Midwest Board Member Spotlight: Noelle Tieszen

Noelle TieszenName: Noelle Tieszen
Title: Senior CX Operations Manager
Company: Midco
Role with The WICT Network Midwest: Member, PMDS participant

What is your professional passion?

If you’re familiar with the Myer-Briggs 16 Personality Types, I’m an INFJ through and through! I am passionate about people— their backgrounds, their stories, their motivations, their goals, their needs. Digging in to help people understand their what, their why and their how— that’s my jam!

What do you value most about your membership in The WICT Network?

Through my membership with The WICT Network, I value the connections I’ve made with other Midco women— especially the ones I don’t regularly work with.

What have you gained from the experiences and/or relationships within The WICT Network?

Since joining The WICT Network a few years ago, I have attended several events like Tech It Out and Spirit of the Midwest. I also participated in the Premier Management Development Series in St. Louis. Each experience has allowed me to learn more about leadership and the media, entertainment and technology industries while also networking with inspiring women leaders.