Edo Branch Member SpotlightName: Edo Branch
Title: Continual Service Improvement Analyst
Company: Charter Communications
Role with The WICT Network: Midwest: Tech it Out Chair

What is the value of volunteering as a board member for The WICT Network: Midwest?

The value of volunteering as a WICT Board Member is having the ability to share the gifts and expertise that I normally do not share in my regular work. I have been a member of a sorority for the past 26 years, and one of the things that I valued the most is understanding not what the organization can do for me, but what I can do for the organization. This is a value that I carry as a Board Member within WICTMW as I share my gifts and expertise. I have a multitude of skills and talents, and while just sharing (one) and being an integral part of the vessel that contributes to the greater good that WICT provides, is rewarding.

Advice for member engagement:

Support, acknowledge, reward and network. The old saying goes, “There is no “i” in team.” No single person can be WICT alone, but a group of women with a common interest and goals of progression can move the world. WICT would not be where it is today, without its members. Supporting members, acknowledging members, rewarding members, and being a network that stretches very far, is the glue for engagement.

Chasity Shahi










Name: Chasity Shahi
Title: Sr. Mgr Enterprise Operations Support – Process Engineering
Company: Charter Communications

What is your professional passion?

Helping others grow and become successful in their roles.

What do you value most about your WICT Network Membership?

I love the WICT Network events that bring women together for networking and celebrating achievements.

What have you learned from serving on The WICT Network – Midwest Membership Committee?

A proactive outreach to renew existing members, and spreading the word to your coworkers for new member enrollment is essential to keeping the WICT Midwest Chapter growing and flourishing. The WICT Network is a wonderful program that provides its members with all kinds of resources for learning, development, and networking.

Tell us a little about yourself. Family, Hobbies, Favorite Vacation spot, etc.

I’m married to my college sweetheart, Prakash. We have two children: Priya, 16, and Cruz, 14. We enjoy traveling to new countries and experiencing different cultures. My most memorable vacation was the first time I travelled to a jungle resort in Nepal in 2002. I had “hands-on” playtime with an energetic, nine-day-old baby elephant while its mother calmly observed nearby.