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WICT Leadership Conference

September 16-17, 2019 WICT Leadership Conference

November 15th - WICT Chapter of the Year Celebration

Friday, November 15th - We would like to thank you for being such a significant part of our growth. Without you, we could not have been WICT's Chapter of the Year! Please join us for networking and ice cream!

November 7th - Webinar

Stress is an Inside Job: Understand where stress really comes from. It may not be what you think. You’ll learn ways to uncover thinking that fuels your stress and how to squash it in its tracks. Learn which of the five stress drivers is yours and how to combat its negative effects...

Volunteer Spotlight

August's Spotlight is on Emilie Gragert, Manager - Finantial Reporting at Charter Communications.

WICT Midwest is honored to have been awarded 2019 Chapter of the Year

Congratulations to all of our members and volunteers for obtaining the WICT Chapter of the Year!

The WICT Midwest Chapter Board of Directors thanks each and every one of our members and volunteers!
This award is for you!

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