The WICT Network: Midwest Membership
The WICT Network: Midwest
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There are thousands of professional organizations you could chose to be a part of. What makes The WICT Network different is our commitment to advancing careers and enriching lives at all levels through personal and professional development opportunities.

Our programs and events are grounded in our Touchstones of Leadership. We welcome and celebrate diversity in our membership and strive to deliver inclusive, relevant and valuable programming.

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To be eligible for membership, any woman or man must be currently or formerly employed in the cable and telecommunications industry or related industries.

The WICT Network: Midwest membership is open to employees of cable television companies, including operators, programmers, and suppliers of equipment and services to the cable television industry.

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Charter Spectrum
Elevate Your Career with Exclusive Benefits

All members get access to unmatched professional development and networking opportunities. You’ll get access to The WICT Network’s Online Learning Library that includes top-rated educational content, webinars, conference sessions and more. As a member, you’ll be connected to a regional chapter (that’s us) where you will connect with industry peers and leaders.

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Build Your Network

Joining The WICT Network: Midwest will provide invaluable opportunities to expand your professional network, connecting you with influential leaders and like-minded individuals in the media and telecommunications industry. Our in-person events will not only enhance your industry knowledge but also open doors to mentorship, collaborations, and career advancement, ensuring a well-rounded growth trajectory for your professional journey.

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Tech It Out

Save the date: Thursday, September 14 for our annual signature event. Learn more about Tech it Out.

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Leadership Development

Our leadership development opportunities foster a community of empowered leaders driving innovation and success. Gain a competitive edge through mentorship and networking, with our Premier Management Development Series or The WICT Network: Midwest one-on-one mentoring program.

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Webinars and Education

Our professional webinars offer opportunities for career development by providing industry insights, fostering networking among professionals, and delivering cutting-edge knowledge. Attendees can gain a competitive edge in their respective fields, staying abreast of industry trends and honing their skills through these informative sessions.

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The WICT Network National Programs

Whether you are striving to be more effective in your current position or aspiring to take your career to the next level, The WICT Network provides an array of educational programs and services to meet the needs of executives, mid-level professionals, entry-level employees, and full-time students.

Membership Levels
Executive Level
$315 per year

Members are typically senior management professionals in director-level and higher positions.

Benefits include: At the global level, Executive members are offered exclusive access to a distance-learning program that takes the form of webinars designed expressly for high-level executives. Local chapters hold exclusive executive programming. Members may vote in chapter elections and can hold chapter board positions.

Regular Level
$215 per year

Members generally hold mid-level or supervisory positions.

Benefits include: Discounted registration fees to The WICT Network's virtual and in-person programs. Value-added free webinars, mid-level programs and targeted messaging geared toward your career level, and more. At the local level, these members may vote in chapter elections and can hold chapter board positions.

Entry Level
$95 per year

Members occupy non-salaried (hourly) positions with no supervisory or direct budgetary responsibilities and less than two years’ experience in any facet of the cable telecommunications industry. After two years at this level, Entry level members will automatically be upgraded to Regular level.

Benefits include: Value-added free webinars, entry-level programs and targeted messaging geared toward your career level. At the local level, these members are not eligible to vote in chapter elections and cannot serve on the chapter board.

Student Level
$35 per year

Members are full-time students currently earning 6 credit hours at graduate level or 12 credit hours at undergraduate level. Students are required to provide current proof of enrollment along with expected year of graduation. Student membership can be renewed for a maximum of 4 years at this level.

Benefits include: The same benefits as Entry level members, with the added value of opportunities to network and build relationships for future opportunities, student mentoring programs through local chapters, and more. Student members are not eligible to vote in chapter elections and cannot serve on the chapter board.

Membership Questions
Membership Help

Not sure if The WICT Network: Midwest is your chapter?

View a full listing of chapters and the assigned locations. Additional chapters can be added for $30 each.

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Email membership or call The WICT Network member services at 202-827-4794.