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Thank you for supporting the The WICT Network: Midwest! We look forward to engaging with you on committees and at chapter events throughout the year.


Graphic Designer

Have a knack for design? We’re looking for a volunteer graphic designer to work with the Technology Chair and Webmaster in designing content, banners and logos for the chapter website in compliance with the The WICT Network Style Guide. The time commitment is anticipated to be around two to five hours per month.

Marketing Specialist

If you’re interested in marketing strategies, our marketing specialist volunteer position may be a great fit. You’ll help plan marketing for our programs and membership drives through the use of targeted marketing strategies. The time commitment is anticipated to be around five hours per month initially then approximately two hours per month after the initial marketing strategy is produced.

Communications Volunteer

Our general communications volunteer assists with preparing and sending out communication announcements to membership. This includes intake of communication needs, preparing the communications, seeking approvals, and setting up the email blast using Constant Contact and Eventbrite. The time commitment is anticipated to be around four to eight hours per month.

Engagement Lead

Can you spot content that works well on social media? We’re looking for a volunteer to seek out relevant educational articles on topics such as leadership, income potential, career advancement and diversity to post on our social media platforms. This person will also work with other board members such as membership and mentorship to highlight relevant chapter news and encourage members to comment, like and share their posts. The time commitment is anticipated to be around two to four hours per month.


Committee Member

Our membership committee volunteers help plan and execute membership events, new member recruitment, and membership engagement. Volunteers will assist with preparations for membership events, engage in conversations and follow-up with prospective members, assist with writing communications that are needed throughout the year, and serve as an advocate for attendance of membership events and programs. The time commitment is expected to be one to two hours per month (does not include time at events).


Committee Member

Our mentoring committee is looking for a volunteer to assist with events (webinars or in person), provide suggestions for mentoring topics, assist in recruiting mentors, and occasionally help with record-keeping. Committee phone calls are scheduled as needed and would average no more than one hour per month.


Committee Member

Are you great at networking? Outreach committee members help find and lead ways for The WICT Network: Midwest to be involved in the community. Time commitment is expected to be around one to two hours per month (including, attending one meeting a month (one hour maximum) on the second Friday of the month and making calls/emails to people/organizations in the community when they are able (about one hour).


Committee Member

The Sponsorship Committee is looking for volunteer support to contact previous sponsors and help work new sponsorship leads. Sponsorship volunteers also attend in-person events and are encouraged to attend planning meetings for signature and other programming events.

Tech it Out

Committee Member

Be a part of a signature event! We’re looking for two or more volunteers to assist with the planning of the Virtual Tech it Out 2022 event. Volunteers will be responsible for researching keynote speakers, creative direction and flow for the virtual event, and assistance with facilitating the virtual event. Meetings are currently scheduled for alternating Fridays at noon. The time commitment is expected to be a minimum of one hour per month.

Spirit of the Midwest

Committee Member

SOM committee is looking for one more member to help with the creative planning, member engagement and facilitating the awards event. The team spends two to four hours per month on average working on the event.


Book Club Coordinator

Share your love of reading and learning as a book club programming volunteer. You’ll work with the programming committee to select the book and get to take the lead on creating the program content.

Book Club Volunteer Details

Time Commitment:

  • One hour to create marketing and sponsorship material based on prior example
  • One hour to meet with author and agree on format, terms
  • Three hours to plan sessions
  • One to three hours to facilitate the actual event
  • One hour working on pre and post event survey and attendance tracking
  • Time needed to read the book that will be discussed

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Create a one-pager for marketing and sponsorship
  • Suggest ideas for books/authors
  • Run book club meeting(s)
    • Kick off meeting
    • Introduce the book
    • Define agenda and talking points
  • Ensure post-event survey is submitted
    • Review feedback and make suggestions for future improvements
  • Point of contact for book author
  • Work with communications committee under guidance of Programming Director/Chair

Headshots Volunteer

Help members get a professional headshot! You’ll help coordinate the photographer, location, and other event details.

Headshot Volunteer Details

Time Commitment:

  • Four hours to be on-site for the event (one, two hour headshot events in 2022)
  • One hour planning and communication based on prior templates

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • On-site point of contact for professional headshot events
  • Reserve room for event
  • Post signs for event
  • Coordinate with photographer
  • Send email to participants before event to set expectations
  • Send email to participants when photos are ready

Attendance Volunteer

Help us track event attendance so we can optimize our programming for The WICT Network members.

Attendance Volunteer Details

Time Commitment:

  • Attend in-person events (starting in May 2022)
  • One hour obtaining and checking lists in prep for each event
  • One hour compiling data tracker after each event

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Obtain registration list one day before the event
  • Print out and bring list to event
  • Ensure everyone at the event is signed in
  • Post event submit the sign-in to appropriate contacts
  • Track rate of attendance for each event and overall year to date
  • Save attendance tracker on google drive
  • Review registrations lists three, two and one weeks prior to event to identify duplicate registrants. Reach out to people that have registered more than once and cancel the duplicates if needed.

Signage Volunteer

Our signage volunteers are an important part of in-person events. A lot of details go into each event including guiding attendees to the space.

Signage Volunteer Details

Time Commitment:

  • Attend in-person events
  • One hour planning before and after each in-person event

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Create elevator signs for each in-person event (based on prior example)
  • Work with facilities where needed to post signs
  • Ensure signs are posted in appropriate locations one hour prior to event
  • Ensure signs are removed after each event
  • Setup and Remove stand-up signs outside of the meeting room

Photography Volunteer

Help us document and promote our chapter by photographing in-person events. No professional photography experience needed. If you can take great photos from a smartphone, we want you!

Photography Volunteer Details

Time Commitment:

  • Attend in-person events
  • One hour after each event organizing photos and uploading to google drive

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • No professional photography experience required
  • Photos from a phone are acceptable
  • Ensure we have 10 key photos from each event
  • Ensure the photos are uploaded to the google drive
  • Maintain the “shot list”; customize per event if needed
  • See ‘Event Photography Shot List’ Guide with examples
  • Review photos from each event, delete unflattering photos when needed
  • Work with the communications team to locate photos when needed for specific communications
  • Knowledge of basic editing of photos is helpful to adjust exposure, when needed for a better quality photo.