The WICT Network: Midwest Mentor Program

Mentee Roles and Responsibilities

Mentee Role: To be proactive in her own career development with the support, guidance and encouragement of a mentor.

Ideal Characteristics:

  • Demonstrated past performance capabilities.
  • Recognized high potential and credibility.
  • Enthusiasm, motivation and desire to ensure the success of the corporation.
  • Commitment to shoulder greater responsibility.
  • Dedication to continuous learning and self-development.


  • Actively participate in the program.
  • With mentor’s assistance, create and define goals of the relationship.
  • Share professional information and experiences, successes or failures.
  • Initiate appointments and maintain regular, open communication with the mentor.
  • Develop growth goals and a plan for achieving them, with the support of the mentor.
  • Demonstrate commitment by following through with the guidance and counsel of the mentor.
  • Build an internal and external network to support professional and personal goals.
  • Honor commitments and respect confidentiality on information shared by the mentee.
  • Provide feedback to the mentor on what’s working.

PLEASE NOTE: Joining a mentoring program does not, in any way, imply dissatisfaction with the role and/or operating style of the mentee’s manager. The mentor’s role is to supplement the support provided by the manager.