The WICT Network: Midwest Mentor Program

Mentor Roles and Responsibilities

Mentor role: To be a professional role model providing guidance for the mentee to achieve professional and personal goals. The best mentors are successful people whose joy for work and life is infectious and inspiring to those around them.

Ideal Characteristics:

  • Demonstrated interest and ability to facilitate growth of others.
  • Ability to build supportive relationships.
  • Established networks.
  • Variety of professional experiences.


  • Understand that the mentee is responsible for her career development.
  • Make yourself available for regularly scheduled meetings with your mentee.
  • Work with the mentee to identify developmental objectives that are specific, measurable and achievable.
  • Help the mentee create a personal plan for success.
  • Listen proactively and maintain open communication.
  • Share candid concerns and encouraging feedback to support the mentee’s journey.
  • Counsel the mentee on industry insights you have gained through your experience.
  • Assist the mentee and her manager by providing direction and opportunity for challenging assignments to benefit the mentee, only upon agreement by all parties.
  • Support the mentee in establishing a network of resources at all position levels by providing introductions to others who can help with advice, knowledge, etc.
  • Share guidance, knowledge, experiences and encouragement that assist the mentee in professional growth and development.
  • Honor commitments and respect confidentiality on information shared by the mentee.
  • Contact the mentoring chair with questions or concerns.