The WICT Network: Midwest is pleased to announce the 2020 PMDS Graduates!


This series explores what it takes to be an effective leader and develop the skills required to lead teams. The program supports participants’ development through peer-to-peer coaching groups and the application of leadership skills and knowledge.

Hilary Pawsey and Todd Heskett, Managing Partners from Watermarq Consulting LLC, will facilitate the program drawing on their experiences in leadership development, people strategy, diversity and inclusion, and team performance. They will also customize the program to meet the specific needs of the participants to be reflective of their level of leadership experience.  Personalysis and 360 reviews are foundations to the program.

Through this program participants benefit from:

  • Learning directly from global corporate leaders with leadership and consulting experience across multiple countries and industries.
  • Individual coaching sessions to help apply what is learned.
  • Expanding self-awareness through assessments covering leadership and communication.
  • Peer-to-peer coaching groups supporting continued development and application of core material.
  • Honing in on great leadership skills while working on real issues in their organization.
  • Networking with peers and sharing best practices, accelerating their own development.
  • Optimizing their individual performance and organizational impact, while achieving new levels of confidence and success.
  • Interactive Mentorship

Meet this year’s graduates and see what they had to say about this amazing program!

Anna Jankord

Operations Training Manager, Midco

PMDS gave me the confidence to lead fearlessly, owning my vulnerability as a newbie in the telecommunications industry, all while confiding in amazing female leaders on our journey together.

Christina Reese

Accounts Payable Manager, Charter Communications

While I was searching for a way to improve my team, the PMDS program armed me with tools to improve myself and make me a more effective asset to my team.

Cynthia Sowell

Lead Wireless Data Analyst, Charter Communications

The benefits of the PMDS program are unmeasurable and I received a lot of helpful tools.

Debra Malick
Debra Malick

National Account Manager, Diversant

PMDS has been such an impactful program for me! My eyes were opened to some 'areas of opportunity' that I now have the skills to tackle head on thanks to Hilary and Todd's tutelage. I'm thankful for the self-awareness exercises and skills that were immediately able to be implemented. Finally, and most importantly to me, I'm grateful for the wonderful tribe of women whom I can count on during my professional journey.

Deepti Chakraborty

Sr. Manager IT BA/Testing/Release, Charter Communications

PMDS has been a commendable journey. It gave me a good insight of myself as a person and as a professional. Sharing experiences with other participants was an incredible opportunity to grow together. I feel more confident to present myself as a better leader.

George McCormick

Manager - Internal Audit Services, Charter Communications

An engaging and self-reflecting program that helped me develop my Managerial and Leadership skills.

Jennifer Hiebert

Sr. Business Systems Analyst, Charter Communications

PMDS has given me the confidence to set high goals and the tools needed to achieve those goals.

Katie Williams

Sr. Business Systems Analyst, Robotic Process Automation, Charter Communications

The PMDS program has been the highlight of my year. I am thankful for the opportunity to develop myself professionally and the connections I have made with peers in my industry.

Katy Pieper

Manager, Programming Accounting, Charter Communications

PMDS has given me the invaluable opportunity to self-reflect on my career journey, helping me to identify the areas I'm happy with and the areas I wish to develop. I've met some wonderful people in this program that I'm thrilled to now have in my network, both from my company and from other companies in the industry.

Lindsy Wulff

Manager, Media Digital Design, Charter Communications

Through PMDS I've adopted a wealth of behavioral tools to improve day-to-day interactions and picked up some enlightening techniques to articulate, visualize and act on long-term career goals.

Marcy Bursac

Software Developer, Charter Communications

Three key takeaways from my time in the PMDS program are: (1) practical skills for active listening and collaborating, (2) increased confidence and facilitation innovation, and (3) a widened support system for navigating and excelling in the telecommunications industry.

Michele Ballweg

Region Business Planning Analyst, Charter Communications

PMDS has given me the tools to identify who I am as a leader and the skills to take myself to the next level.

Nicole Tupman

Assistant General Counsel, Midco

I am grateful for the PMDS program and the opportunity to further my professional development to better provide legal and business advice to my company and our business leaders.

Rebecca Barker

IT Lead Business Systems Analyst, Charter Communications

PMDS has taken me on a wonderful journey of personal growth and I look forward to enjoying the many meaningful relationships and lasting friendships that have been developed during this time.

Renee (Shilpa) Dutt

Senior Principle Technologist (Dept. IT Service Activation), Charter Communications

PMDS has been an eye-opener and has set me firmly down the path of self-actualization. It has also opened up doors of networking possibilities that I never knew existed. I would love to continue this journey of self-improvement with future PMDS / WICT programs.

Staci McBride

Director Accounting, Charter Communications

PMDS is a great program to nudge you out of your comfort zone and inspire you to take meaningful actions.

Stephanie Staszcuk

Senior Business Analyst, IT, Charter Communications

I'm thankful for this program not only for the development of self, but also the connections made. I believe that even after the series ends, we all will feel like we can continue to reach out to one another and stay connected.

Swetha Srivastava

Data Architect, Charter Communications

PMDS helped me to see the leadership lessons in a new light and to rethink my own career wheel. Hilary and Todd have been amazing trainers and every session with them was so much fun and learning. It also helped me to network and build relationships with diverse group taking the training. I am so Thankful to Charter and Karen Zumwalt to allow me to attend this program.

Toni Loyet

Senior Manager Technical Accounting, Charter Communications

PMDS has been a thought provoking and insightful program that has provided me with tools to further my career in the future. Importantly, it has also resulted in a number of new friends!

Traci Steo

Lead Business Systems Analyst, IT-Operations, Charter Communications

Always learning.

Wendy Thebeau
Wendy Thebeau

Program Manager, IT, Charter Communications

A personal, interactive development journey that has allowed me to focus on self-awareness, personal brand, leadership skills and networking. Connecting and collaborating with amazing female industry peers and insightful, inspirational trainers has been a truly valuable experience that I will carry throughout my career.

2019 PMDS Graduates

  • Beth Manning
  • Chlorissa Harris
  • Christy Caby
  • Colleen Moushey-Lowther
  • Diane Tye
  • Elizabeth Ewing
  • Erica Connors
  • Jenn Petrarca
  • Jessica Hegger
  • Jessie Ripper
  • Kim Hamann
  • Laura Buffington
  • Laurie Jill Wood
  • LeAnn Pearce
  • Leigh Shelton
  • Melissa Kitchell
  • Noelle Tieszen
  • Renee Burkart
  • Sravana Ganesapandian
  • Sheerie Green
  • Stephanie Bruntjens
  • Stephanie Zurmuehlen
  • Tracy Simmons

2018 PMDS Graduates

  • Courtney McLellan
  • Melissa McCabe
  • Diane Fleetwood
  • Shawn Beringer
  • Stacey Sery
  • Angela Hesch
  • Courtney Wecker
  • Stefanie Vermette
  • Angie Doering
  • Carla Boykin
  • Janice Craven
  • Anne Murry
  • Emilie Gragert
  • Tera Dubs
  • Gina Gargus
  • Kelly Salsman
  • Jessica Myers
  • Kate Moore
  • Karen Zumwalt
  • Kerin Miller
  • Jonathan Hunt
  • Gail Reinwald
  • Kimberly Barry
  • Anita Campbell