One of the benefits of your membership with The WICT Network is access to chapter events across the nation. We’re pleased to share an opportunity presented by The WICT Network: Rocky Mountain: a four-part series that will help you explore your perspective on empowerment.

Series: Perspective Empowerment: Insight from the Enneagram Workshop

Facilitated by Calley Welborn each Wednesday in June from 2:00PM to 3:00PM (CT)

    • June 7
    • June 14
    • June 21
    • June 28

Series Description:

How do you see? How much easier would life be if people in your life could see things the same way you do?!

Although you may believe that everyone seeing things from your particular viewpoint could make life much easier, what might you miss? Your unique perspective is vitally important and absolutely necessary, but it’s still only a small part of the expansive wholeness available to us when we acknowledge, value, and integrate the diversity of perspective that inherently exists in our relationships, work teams, organizations, communities, and beyond!

Join us for this sequential four-part workshop series and become empowered to see and experience life fully!

Using foundational Enneagram wisdom as our guide, we will explore:


    1. The distinctly different ways each of us sees the world, encounters others, and moves through life
    2. How to thrive by intentionally choosing how you show up and respond to life
    3. Your power to cultivate compassion (for yourself and others), deepen authentic connection (with yourself and others), improve true belonging (for yourself and others), and experience healing transformation when you engage with life from a balanced, inclusive, comprehensive perspective.


About Calley:


Calley Welborn is a seeker, student, teacher, and guide who believes each person is purposefully created and implicitly loved. Practical application of Enneagram wisdom has allowed her to personally experience this truth, and to continually witness how we individually and collectively become whole when we recognize and embrace each of our unique perspectives. The freedom available from this transformational wholeness is what inspires her to share the Enneagram!

As founder of Undercurrent Enneagram Consulting LLC, Calley journeys alongside others on their adventures of self-discovery so they can emerge beyond the surface and thrive! Combining foundational Enneagram wisdom with extensive consulting experience in corporate, non-profit, and international mission environments equips Calley with a unique approach to support the specific needs and goals of individuals and organizations, while simultaneously empowering them to cultivate compassion, deepen authentic connection, increase true belonging, and experience healing transformation.

Calley lives in Westminster, CO and adventures through life with her partner and amazing 4-year-old son – traveling, looking through a camera lens, listening to inspiring podcasts, and enjoying nature whenever possible!



Anna Jankord was new to Midco and to the telecommunications industry when her leader encouraged her to join The WICT Network: Midwest. They also supported her in her decision to enroll in the Premier Management Development Series (PMDS), an annual program that is tailored to meet the needs of both emerging leaders with limited people management experience as well as more tenured seasoned leaders.

“I needed a boost of confidence in my leadership abilities and PMDS helped me find it!” says Jankord, Operations Training Program Manager at Midco. 

Since its inception in 2018, PMDS has helped 115 members of The WICT Network: Midwest improve their leadership and communication skills. Originally, the program was in-person, but had to transform to exclusively virtual at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“While we miss the personal connections from face-to-face interactions, the current virtual format allows for members from our entire footprint to participate and expand their personal network. It also lowers the overall investment for companies considering travel is no longer needed,” says Lisa Neuwirth, Immediate Past-President of The WICT Network: Midwest and coordinator for the program.

The change to a virtual format has allowed PMDS graduates to expand their network beyond their localized network. “I made lasting friendships with incredible women from across the region,” says Jankord.

The WICT Network: Midwest partners with Watermarq Consulting to guide our participants to build a stronger leadership skill set and improve self-awareness.

“I was beyond impressed with the quality of the PMDS program. Hilary and Todd are knowledgeable, passionate, and engaging. The topics covered were well-organized, thorough, relevant, and delivered in a way that was enjoyable and interactive,” says Noelle Tieszen, Senior CX Operations Manager at Midco.

The program consists of an initial one-on-one meeting with Watermarq, followed by nine 2.5 hour learning and development sessions over a six month time-frame.

“The program supports participants wherever they may be on their leadership journey. After going through the program, I enrolled my entire team of leaders to attend the following program—an investment that was well worth it!” says Tieszen.

Applications for the 2023 Premier Management Development Series are open now through March 24, 2023. Learn more about the program and apply today!

The WICT Network: Midwest is offering a Speakership Fundamentals program in partnership with the Master Speaker Lab. Members will have the opportunity to revive you’re their confidence in public speaking basics, while sharpening skills in body language literacy, speaking anxiety management— and efficient presentation strategies.

Participants reported a self-assessment growth of over 40% in:

  • Body Language & Delivery
  • Communication Mindset
  • Presentation preparation
  • Effective public speaking on the spot

Will This Benefit?

  • Team members: those who innovate, solve problems, collaborate with others and present their ideas
  • “Sudden Leaders”: individuals with specialized experience in one area, that now need to lead teams and face stakeholders
  • Established Leaders: speakers that need strategies to share their vision and inspire a call to action in their teams

Program Objectives:

  • Create action plan to manage nerves & anxiety
  • Build connections to novices and experts
  • Learning how to navigate surprises, pivots, and friction
  • Display confidence and leadership
  • Produce memorable presentations


  • Friday, January 20 – Friday, March 3, 2023
  • 9:30 – 11:00 am CT
  • Price: $1,100

To apply for The WICT Network: Midwest Speakership Fundamentals program, please complete the following application. Participants must obtain approval from their manager to attend the program. There is an acknowledgement on the application that indicates manager approval. Announcement of applicant approvals will be sent the week of January 16th. The WICT Network Speakership Fundamentals program fee is due upon the applicants’ acknowledgement of acceptance into the program.